Time Synchronization with NSX

Time Synchronization with NSX

Because I tend to “pause” both my vCenter Servers and my NSX-T Managers (for a quick start of the Lab), I ran into an issue with time synchronization on the NSX-T managers. This is especially problematic when using Tanzu.

When the manager was resumed, the “old” time was still active (taken today, on October 28th):

Instead of doing a reboot of the appliance (which would kind of negate the function of pausing it ;)), I tried to resync time. The easiest way I found to do this, is to remove and re-add one of the NTP-Servers I am using. First look at the currently used NTP servers:

Then remove the last of them, check to see if the time is current, and add the NTP-server again:

And all is well.

Quick write-up for my own memory :).

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