Expanding vSAN on my Ravello Lab

While in the process of deploying some management functionality to my Ravello LAB (see:  New virtual LAB on Ravello (part 1) and the second part coming), I ran into some issues with disk space. I had created a vSAN with approximately 800 GB of total space:


When trying to deploy vRealize Operation Manager, I was told that there was not enough space.

But fortunately the Ravello platform gives me the option to easily expand my vSAN. One node at a time, I entered maintenance mode, added 50 GB for caching and 1000 GB for capacity:

After adding the disks and updating the application within Ravello, I restarted the host and had to mark my 50 GB disk as Flash-device:


Within vSAN I added a second disk group to all hosts:


And on to the next host.

Important to first let all hosts resync all components, before proceeding to the next host:


and voila, room to grow:


Easy as that… Thanks to Ravello for the vExpert-package, which allows me to do this!



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